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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sleepless in Florida

Yeah I know that is a dumb title, silly and all that but right now I need something to distract me. I have not slept yet and this time it is not because I was reading blogs and lost track of time. This time it is because I hurt and have been hurting all night. I took my meds but they did not help enough that I could actually lay down and fall asleep. When I did lay down my left leg had the tingles and shooting pains in it, then it started to kick out on its own (this is due to nerve damage) and both SI joints just hurt with that real deep intense throbbing pain they give me. After a few minutes laying down was making the pain rise, so I'd sit up. At first this helped but after a little while (about 5 to 10 mins) it was hurting too much and I had to lay down. Back and forth all night long. Finally at 6:45AM I gave up and came out to the living room and booted my computer so I could read email and blogs to distract myself. It isn't helping as much as I had hoped, but every little bit helps and I'll take it.

When it gets like this the only way I can actually sleep is to hit exhaustion. This can take anywhere from being awake for 24 hours straight to 72 hours. I think today will be one of those 24 hour days to exhaustion in part because I only got about 4 hours sleep yesterday and had been awake last night as well.

I managed to cook dinner last night, take a shower and shave (not always easy due to having to bend over) by using the shower chair thing, did some laundry (2 loads), changed sheets on my bed, and did some straightening up in my bedroom. That's not a lot but now I'm dealing with a lvl 9 in pain. When I said it doesn't take much to make my pain level go through the roof, this is exactly what I mean. None of what I did was difficult or took very long, and I rested every 15 minutes to guage my pain level, and I stopped when I hit a 6. But even with meds that 6 would not go down, instead it went up and by the time I went to bed last night I was at an 8. I find this so very f***ing frustrating!

Well I'm going to go and try to lay down and get some sleep.Wish me luck!


  1. I read a lot of blogs and also from Yahoo groups, and there are so many ladies suffering chronic pain,and I will never again complain about a migraine,as much as they are very painful they are not ongoing pain,I hope that you can get some much needed sleep and some relief.....take care..

  2. Nutmegg,

    I occasionally suffer from migraines. Not as frequently as I used to (When I had a job). Please do not think that your migraines are not deserving of the same compassion, understanding, assistance and relief as my pain is because your migraines are occasional whereas my pain is constant.

    Migraines are horrible! When I was in the grips of one it was all I could do to lay in the dark with an ice pack and heating pad on opposite sides of my head. Laying there and praying that it would stop, unable to lift my head, throwing up, dizzy and all of that.

    Just because your migraines are not constant (and I pray that they never become constant!) does not mean that the pain they cause is less important than mine!

    YOU and your migrainge pain is just as deserving of care etc. as my chronic pain is!

    Please Nutmegg, don't put yourself down or devalue yourself this way. You are just as important and deserving of proper reactions as I am.



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