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Monday, November 23, 2009

How To Increase Pain

One good way to make your pain level go higher without any warning is to have children! They are guaranteed to surprise you in many ways and leave things on the floor to trip you up! Woo hoo..loads of fun!! (NOT)

Seriously though, my pain is currently at a 9 out of 10 because about 30 minutes ago I fell in my son's room. I was looking for his TaeKwonDo outfit to get it washed and ready for class tonight. I stepped over one thing that was on the floor and didn't see the bat. So naturally my foot came down on the bat and it slid/rolled away which caused me to fall.

I took my meds and that is a good thing because it has kept me from a pain crisis (at least so far). I am at a 9 though, which isn't much fun. I'm waiting for the pain to even out a bit then I'm going to go stitch. Looks like the remainder of today will be a bed day.

For those who don't know what I mean by "bed day"; it means that I have to spend the day in bed due to pain or due to my leg(s) no longer working properly.


  1. I have a friend that had knee surgery a while back. Once she got home we had to watch out for her little boy all the time. You just never know when a kid is going to run up and jump in your lap. It was hard enough to manage her pain without an extra 60 pounds flopping around on her. Kids don't realize things like that though, and you can't really hold it against them. I hope you get past your "bed day" and get back to managable days soon. Will definitely be following along to see how things are going. Thanks for the very kind words on my blog by the way. I appreciate it more than I can express in words.

  2. I hate bad pain days, especially when they consist of something that could have been avoided, Miss D (my carer's five year old and my Goddaughter) leaves stuff round the house all the time, her mum fell down the stairs because of some water bottle being left there, she's starting to get it, but it takes time...

    Hope you feel better soon


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