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Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Good Day Today

Today was a real good day. I still have a bit of a cough, but it is nowhere near as bad as it was this passed week. The body aches and fever appear to be gone as well! Sadly this means I can feel my back pain again but happily it has been relatively low all day. I got stuff done today as well. 4 loads of laundry, took my niece out to play catch in the front yard, then we went for a short walk, then I felt like going for a drive so DH, my niece and I went for a ride and stopped at Dairy Queen for a little ice cream. We had a good time sitting in DQ eating ice cream. They were playing classical rock (70's and 80's music) in the store and Bridgette was dancing in her high chair while eating her sundae. She kept saying "Hi!" to all the other people there and made them all smile. When we got home we gave her a shower to get the ice cream out of her hair LOL Then I was able to cook dinner and I even managed to finish it instead of having to give it to someone else to finish. DH cleared the dining room table for us and we ate dinner at the table like a family, which felt real good.

After that I got a phone call from my best friend in the world. She has had some medical issues that have been causing her chronic pain, but the doctors weren't willing to help her or even try very hard to find out what was wrong. Well, she had good news too! She went to see a new doctor, who happens to be a pain management doctor and formerly an orthopedic doctor and he gave her hope and is going to help her figure out what is going on, whether it can be healed, and help manage her pain better. I am so happy that she will have some relief from the horrible pain she has been suffering with for many months now. I am even happier that she is now feeling hope and has the possibility of finding out exactly what is going on. Here is hoping she will be all better real soon!

I actually felt well enough to do some stitching today as well, which is good. So all in all a very good day!

I hope everyone else had a good day as well!

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