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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hump Day Happenings

This is from Wednesday October 28, 2009. I apparently saved it but didn't publish it.

Well so far so good. It seems this blog is motivating me because yesterday every time I started to think "Aww forget can do it later", the next thought was about how I am trying to stop being withdrawn. I also thought about the blog and how I would have little (nothing most likely) to post here if I gave in to that feeling of "forget it".

I ran accross a story on another blog. It was written to recount how one person help another to see how chronic illness (also fits for chronic pain) effects a person's life. It is called the "Spoon Theory" and written by Christine Miserandino. I thought this was an ingenious way to explain how the illness and/or chronic pain. Take a moment to read it. The article is at
In keeping with the Spoon Theory it is accurate for living with a chronic illness or pain. However, when you add in depression you start off each day with fewer spoons which makes things harder.

Well yesterday I made sure my son (K) did all of his schoolwork and I corrected it all. I then discussed the ones he got wrong and taught him the right way to do it.

I folded laundry with my SIL (S) and helped put it all away.

I helped with the cooking of dinner.

I did some picking up in my bedroom.

I played with the baby and took her outside for a short walk.

I washed a bunch of dishes.

S is going to help me fight the depression and overwhelming feelings of not wanting to do anything.

I will be helping her as well.

All in all today was a decent day. I am proud of myself for getting things done. I felt good about myself and everything I got done. It surprised me because it has been a while since I have felt like that.

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