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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It is official, I am sick! (well sicker anyway)

Woke up in the middle of the night with those lovely symptoms of acid reflux disease (which my meds gave me by the way). That nasty taste in the back of my throat, gagging on it, difficulty breathing and the entire length of my esophogaus, trachea and throat all burning as if someone spilled gas down there and lit a match! Oh what fun! Added to this my nose was running and I was congested in the chest so bad I was wheezing loud enough that I could hear it despite the fact that my ears are blocked up and I am now more deaf than I usually am!

So here comes fun..need to cough to clear lungs...cough causes gagging and stomach acid to enter mouth..burning ensues which causes nose to run and eyes to water..which drips into my throat and makes me want to cough more..rinse and repeat (in this case..gag and repeat) FUN!

I'm the only one awake, not wanting to wake up my husband so I hide in the bathroom hoping the bronchial barking and gagging noises won't wake him up, then I go hide in the living room. We're out of Mylanta btw so I can't kill that burning in my esophagus.

I take mucinex to help thin the mucus in my lungs, find out I'm running a 101.5 fever, yet am freezing cold so put on sweatshirt..immediately start sweating and feeling suffocated so take it off..repeat over and over. Finally I use an asthma inhaler and feel a bit better after my stomach empties itself a couple times.

It is now almost 11AM and I go back to bed. I have this sinking feeling that I am actually sick and this isn't just my run of the mill acid reflux flare. Despite being on Nexium I get those once or twice a month. FUN!

I wake up a bit past 5PM and yup, I am definitely sick. My lungs are full so lots of bronchial barking going on when I cough, loads of wheezing when I breathe..its almost musical! Anyone care to dance? Very productive cough. My sinuses are plugged up and my ears are under waterm so my head feels like I am stoned and I can barely hear. Which of course means I am yelling because I can't tell how loud my voice is. Of course the fever has to show up just to add my favorite friends in the world, brothers Mr. Heat Miser and Mr. Snow Miser battling it out inside me as to who is better and who gets control of my body! FUN! (Right now Heat Miser is winning.)

Never thought I would be thankful for the overactive sweat glands my medications have given me. Between Mr Heat Miser and my standard sweating from my meds, I am currently fairly comfortable temperature wise. Tylenol brought the fever down to 99.5, which I am sure helped as well.

There is one good thing about being sick and feeling like pain is buried under the illness so I don't feel too badly in that department! lol

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