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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quitting Smoking

Well I have gone 3 days without any cigarettes. I'm surprised that I managed to do it, but I did. I have a head cold now which really sucks because along with the fever comes body aches and body aches increases my overall pain level. I've been sleeping more often than not the last few days. I figure if my body wants to sleep then let it because the body heals best when it is at rest.

On Wednesday I did a lot of housework. On Thursday I woke up with a head cold. My ears are all blocked, I had a fever, body aches, and lots of sinus pressure. I guess sleeping helped because today I feel a bit better though I get tired quickly and my ears are still blocked. The fever seems to be gone and the sinus pressure isn't as bad.

Due to being sick and sleeping more than anything I ended up not doing much the last couple of days. But I also paid for everything I did on Wednesday. By Wednesday night my pain level was at crisis stage and I ended up in bed. I tried to write a post but I kept losing track of my thoughts and finally just gave up, saving it as a draft and went to bed.

My daughter stayed with me for a while, trying to make me feel better. She is now making fun of me because as we were talking I kept changing subjects in the middle of a sentence so it didn't make sense, but it was hilarious. I hate when it gets like that because I can't remember everything I said or did later on.

My niece went trick or treating tonight as Snow White and she looked so cute!! I'll try and put a picture up tomorrow. Right now I'm going to take my sick butt back to bed.

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