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Monday, March 8, 2010

Day To Day

Well I had my first bought of pain induced insomnia since I started taking Pristiq. Not bad considering it was my first in 5 weeks I believe. But it did depress me because it always takes me a few days (to a couple weeks) to get my sleeping schedule back on track. I hope I managed to do that last night. I slept BEFORE the sun came up and woke at 8:30 this morning, YAY ME!! Now to see if I can make it through the day without a nap. *fingers crossed*

I stitched a little this weekend, not as much as I wanted to, due to sleeping most of the day Sunday but a little. I didn't take a picture for my stitching blog because I didn't get much done. I managed to finish the few roses above the rabbit. Hopefully I will stitch tonight and get pics up for tomorrow.

My keyboard was kinda sorta murdered Saturday. I love those ergonomic split keyboards because they do not hurt my wrists or fingers as much as the standard straight keyboards do. However on Saturday my neice decided my keyboard was she fed it half a cup of coffee (complete with creamer and sugar). The keyboard did not handle that well so it died. Now I am on a straight keyboard which hurts my wrists and fingers, but I just don't have the money for a new ergonomic one. They have become hard to find and expensive and since I have 4 people in the house who need all new wardrobes (2 grew upwards and 2 out {myself one of those who grew out lol}) I am having to save my money to buy new clothes.

Speaking of new clothes, I can't believe what size my DS now takes! He's always been an off size and very skinny, which made finding clothes that fit him correctly very difficult in the pants department. It got even harder after Wal-Mart stopped carrying "slender" size pants. So we figured we would measure his waist and inseam to see if he is finally big enough to buy jeans from the men's department. I was FLABBERGASTED to see his measurements..30 inch waist and 26.5 inch inseam! He is so skinny that I never thought he'd be over a 26 inch waist, but he is. Due to the cut of Wrangler jeans he ended up with 29 x 30 and they fit him very well! He was so happy to be able to get jeans that fit him all the way around without having to try on 20 different pairs. So he got 2 pairs, two shirts, underwear, socks and two belts. basically 2 whole new outfits!

Since it is 4 people we are buying two complete outfits for 3 of them with each paycheck. Since I am the 4th and can't go to the stores anymore (it just hurts too much) I am holding off on my clothes until I finally get the radio frequency done again and can go to the store myself. My dear neice got two adorable outfits and my SIL Stephanie also got 2 outfits (plus underthings). Everyone seemed very happy with it!

I've done some housework, a spot of directional cooking *means I give directions, someone else cooks and I check up on it once in a while*. With the radio frequency having worn off I am having to take it very easy and I hate it!

Last week was a rough week because my DD left to go to Wisconsin. She will be spending at least a month with her boyfriend. It is, in part, a way of seeing if they can live together. If the answer is yes then she will either return home and plan to move, or just stay there and eventually come back for the rest of her stuff. Beacuse of the possibility that she may stay there, I wanted to spend time with her. So we locked ourselves in her room and spent all day Thursday (day before she left) together. We stitched, talked, watched Law and Order Criminal Intent on Netflix, laughed and just enjoyed each other's company. It was a truly wonderful day together!

When she left on Friday, I cried afterwards. The idea that she may be moving out is both a good thing and a sad thing. Good because she is almost 22 years old and is itching to live on her own like any adult wishes to do. Good because despite our very close relationship she is not tied to her mother's side and still wants to be independant. Good because she has a wonderful guy who treats her very well. Sad because, well she's my baby and it is hard to let go even when you know it is the right thing to do. She has been through so much and I have always been there by her side, every step of the way..through hell and back a few times and part of me wants to hold on forever, protect her, shelter her and all of that. But that is the wrong thing to do and I know it. So, I just made sure she knows how proud of her I am, how much I love her and how much she means to me before she left. Not that I didn't do that before, but I wanted her last words before leaving from me to be all the wonderful things I feel about her so she will always have that conversation to think about on those days when she needs a little pick me up. Everyone has off days, and having something nice to think about can be very helpful on those days.

Well I'm going to keep moving laundry (second load underway), chat with DD on Yahoo IM and stitch!

Thank you all for reading and commenting, it always makes me smile!


  1. *waves from Wisconsin* I'm glad things are looking up for you! *hugs* I miss you very much and am glad to hear from you on IM. I love you!

  2. I love you too sweetheart, so very very much! *HUGS*

    and I miss being babbled at just as I'm getting ready to try and sleep LOL

  3. Yeah I miss her too...but dont tell her I said that...LOL

    Love you


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