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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Having someone who gets it

Last night was not a good night with my back. The pain started ramping up around 12:30AM. This caused a sleepless night. After a few hours I left the bedroom (3:30 or so AM) to come read blogs as a way of distracting myself. I am currently (8:08AM) at an 8.

When I find a blog I really like, written by someone who is in a situation that sounds so similar to my own, I end up going back to the first post and reading every post on the blog. In some cases this can take a few days, in others only a couple hours, depending on how old the blog is and how frequently the author posts.

Anyway, while reading I was struggling with nausea due to my breakthrough medications. I piled pillows behind me in my chair to hold the ice pack in just the right spot on my left SI joint and forced myself to focus on every word I was reading. Every time a thought such as "ohgod I hurt" surfaced in my mind, I deliberately forced myself to think of something else like my daughter's smile, my son's sleeping face (for some reason he is asleep on my recliner LOL) or my niece's giggles. Doing this did not stop the pain in any way, but it did keep me from focusing on it which does help control it somewhat.

I kept reading and purposely distracting my mind as needed for the last 4 hours. I heard my husband Ron's alarm go off, then him moving around the bedroom getting ready to go to work. He opened the bedroom door (which is right beside my computer desk) took one look at me and told me to not worry about housework or chores today, to just rest and take it easy.

One look. That was all it took and he gets it. No anger or resentment, just an honest desire to see me feel better. He then gave me a kiss, told me he loved me and left for work.

That one look, followed by full understanding, it is truly priceless for someone who lives with chronic pain.

Is it any wonder that this man means the world to me?


  1. You write really well. We both wish you all the best. Have a lovely day! Greetings from Norway =)

  2. Awww...he's so sweet <3 LOL I miss you guys very much and hope it gets better for you! I got lots to talk about :D

    Oh and maybe my boyfriend will get like that too :P

  3. Thank you Ida-Susann and Karoline. I appreciate the good wishes. I hope you both have a lovely day also.

    Yoshi, I agree. He is very sweet. I am sure that Travis will get like that as well. He is already showing signs of it! I love and miss you! *HUGS*


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