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Monday, August 30, 2010

First couple weeks of school, rain, and pain

Well the first two full weeks of homeschooling have passed. So far so good! Kyle has gotten a lot of work done, and I have a pretty good schedule set for his work. The hardest part is finding a balance between "enough work" and "too much work". That always takes a bit of rearranging until I find what works best for us both. He is learning a lot so far this year and surprisingly he is enjoying it! Unlike last year there have been almost no arguments, which is a major relief. I have been sitting with him and we do a lot of talking about the different subjects, specially history and science. He really enjoys those conversations and so far he is even learning to think about it and make some pretty good comments when I ask him to compare something from the history book to something that is going on in current times.

I have also found that I am enjoying these conversations with him and the time spent with him every day. Homeschooling him does put a lot of work on my shoulders, but so far this year I am enjoying it. However, sitting at the kitchen table, even with a cushion on the seat, is very painful. My pain has been up as a result. Add to that the rain that we've been getting almost daily for the last week or so and my pain is pretty high. As a result today had to be a short day. He did spelling, cursive, and took his math test (he got a 70, which is better than I expected. most of his errors were caused by not paying attention, simple basic math errors). After the test I just couldn't sit in the chair any longer, so gave him the rest of the day off. We could sit in my bedroom, but he gets drowsy sitting in the bed. It is difficult to teach someone who is falling asleep LOL We will figure something out I am sure.

That's pretty much it for me. I am trying to catch up on blog reading. I have 743 posts that I need to read, which is better than the 900+ I started the day off with. So I better get back to it!

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