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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Day

I realize it is Thursday June 10th but I am going to write about Wednesday Jun 9th.

I had a fairly busy day today. I did a spot of yard work because someone on my street turned us in to the city for our yard being overgrown. The code enforcer guy showed up yesterday and took pictures. He then told me that we needed to clean up the yard including any and all overgrowth. My yard did not look like a jungle or anything and we had raked the front yard for leaves a couple weeks ago, but those dang trees just kept dropping leaves so the front yard doesn't look like we raked much at all. So now we have until June 22nd to get the entire yard cleaned up. This is not going to be easy as Ron (DH) will be gone all next week at a symposium for his job, Stephanie (DSIL) just had surgery removing her gall bladder, I have a broken pelvis, and Brian (my brother) has issues with his legs that cause a great deal of pain. The only one in the house who is healthy enough to do yard work is my son who just turned 14.

So we are doing a little bit every day. Already we have a very large pile of branches. vines etc sitting at the edge of our front lawn. We have to pile the stuff at the edge of the front of the house for a truck (with an automatic scooper on it) to come by every couple of weeks and pick it up. It can't be in bags or anything, just piled there where it can easily be distributed all over the yard by wind. Ron went to pull out the lawnmower (we don't have much grass, but we do have weeds and the easiest way to remove those is to mow) and mow down the weeds, vines and such that are growing, but of course the stupid thing doesn't work. He did everything he knew how to do (replace spark plugs etc.) but it still won't work, so we have to buy a new one. In the meantime Kyle (DS) and I worked on cutting back some of the overgrown bushes. Ron asked me to stop when my pain hit a 6 and I did. I did get most of this really ugly palm type plant next to the air conditioner unit all cut down.

When Ron got home from work he started doing some work with Kyle and Brian (DB). It is looking better. I don't see us having a problem getting it cleaned up by the 22nd. However, this whole thing really annoys me. Whoever it was that turned our yard in to the city as in violation could have just come to us and told us they would like it if we did some work. (We did some a few weeks ago, I posted about it I think) Or even bothered to ask why our yard was overgrown. Apparently whoever it was never bothered to consider that we may have some kind of issue that makes keeping the yard looking perfect difficult for us. Nope, instead they called the city to get us in trouble. I would love to have a yard with thick green grass, pretty flower beds and always have it neat and tidy. And its not like it was badly overgrown or filled with trash. Sadly we don't have much grass, most of what grows in our yards are weeds, one of which is a vine of some sort that grows over the ground until it reaches the wall or the back deck, then it grows up those things. Oh well, we'll get it done.

Anyway, I stopped when my pain hit a 6 and of course the rest of the muscles in my body are sore because they aren't used to me trimming hedges with manual clippers. But I am proud of myself because I took care of the palm type plant and got it cut down (it will grow back, the root bulb is too big to remove) without going in to a pain crisis.

I also cooked dinner tonight. So today was a productive day. Of course my pain went up, but it was not real bad most likely because I stopped at a 6 instead of a 7. With my back and pelvis sometimes if I stop at a 7 the pain continues to rise after I sit down and relax. Often I go from that 7 to a 9 in a matter of seconds. So Ron told me to stop at a 6, in the hopes that once I sat down and relaxed, it wouldn't shoot up to a 9. It didn't. It shot to an 8, but came back down to a 7 once I took my meds. I'm still at a 7 now. So I'm guessing my new limit for doing things is a 6. This sucks because there are many days where I wake up at a 5 and getting to a 6 only requires walking to the bathroom. LOL

Stephanie had her gallbladder out on Tuesday and came home the same afternoon. They did arthroscopic surgery, rather than a standard incision on her abdomen. She has 4 1 inch incisions that were glued rather than stitched or stapled. She is hurting but nowhere the same amount of pain she had after her c-section. Arthroscopic surgery is less-invasive and seems to make it easier on the patient. We are making her take it easy, not that it is difficult, she is good about following doctor's orders. I am hoping this takes care of the pain she was feeling from the gallstones she had, since they are now gone.

Well that is pretty much it for me. Thank you all for reading and leaving comments. Your comments brighten up my days and mean a lot to me! I hope you are having a good day!

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