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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Painful Night

Tonight is not a good night for me. As usual my period has increased my pain and even though I have spent the last 45 minutes laying in the dark trying to sleep, I just can't. The pain is keeping me awake. I wish it wasn't because I want to sleep, I am tired. Oh well.

So far this week has been pretty good. I've been able to do household chores every day, which makes me feel good. I've also been able to stitch every day, which is really nice, especially since I am once again enjoying the process of stitching as much as I used to. It really is nice to have my emotions back and my ability to enjoy things as well.

I packed up all my old D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) books, box sets, maps, and everything. My friend came today to pick them up. Since I do not play D&D anymore and I needed the shelf space, I decided it was time to get rid of all my gaming stuff. Since my friend still plays regularly, I offered them all to him. He lived with us for a few years but he moved out 18 months or so ago. So when he came over today to pick up the boxes of stuff we got to talking. Poor guy ended up staying for 3 hours (or maybe 4, not sure which) but he seemed to enjoy the conversation. We talked about the campaign he is currently playing in and some of the funny things his character has done. We talked about his apartment, old games I used to run (as the dungeon master, the one who writes or sets up a prewritten adventure), WOW and lots of other stuff. It was great! I really enjoyed the visit, it was a blast. Though I think I talked his ears off. LOL

On old friend of mine sent me an email today that made me laugh. It is a list of jokes that only people from the Boston area of MA would completely understand. I got all but 3 of them and found myself nodding while I was laughing because so much of it is very true, hysterical but true. For your amusement here is the list.

  1. Any Red Sox World Series win was, and will always be, one of  the greatest moments in your life.
  2.  The guy driving in front of you is going 70 mph and you're    swearing at him for going too slow.      
  3.  When ordering a tonic, you mean a Coke.        
  4. You went to Canobie Lake Park as a kid.       
  5. You actually enjoy driving around rotaries.        
  6. You do not recognize the letter 'R' as a part of the English  language.         
  7. Your social security number starts with a zero.        
  8. You can actually find your way around the streets of Boston.  
  9. You know what a 'regular' coffee is. 
  10. You keep an ice scraper in your car year-round.  
  11. You can tell the difference between a Revere accent and a Dorchester accent. 
  12. Springfield is located 'way out west.' 
  13. You almost feel disappointed if someone doesn't flip you the bird when you cut them off or steal their parking space. 
  14. You know how to pronounce the names of towns like Worcester, Billerica, Gloucester, Peabody and Haverhill. 
  15. Anyone you don't know is a potential idiot until proven otherwise.  
  16. Paranoia sets in if you can't see a Dunkin Donuts or CVS Pharmacy within eyeshot at all times. 
  17. You have driven to New Hampshire on a Sunday just to buy alcohol.  
  18. You know how to pronounce Yastrzemski.  
  19. You know there's a trophy at the end of the Bean Pot.  
  20. You order iced coffee in January.  
  21. You know that the Purple Line will take you anywhere.  
  22. You love scorpion bowls.  
  23. You know what they sell at a Packie. 
  24. Sorry Manny, but number 24 means DEWEY EVANS.  
  25. You know what First Night is.  
  26. You know at least one guy named Sean, Pat, Whitey, Red, Bud or Seamus. Bonus: You know how to pronounce Seamus. 
  27. McLobster=McCrap  
  28. You know at least 2 cops in your town because they were your high school drinking buddies. 
  29. You know there are 6 New England states, but that Connecticut really doesn't count.
  30. You give incomprehensible directions to tourists, feel bad when they drive off, but then say to yourself ,'Ah, screw them.' 
  31. You know at least one bar where you can get something to drink after last call.  
  32. You hate the Kennedys, but you vote for them anyway.  
  33. You know holding onto the railing when riding the Green Line is not optional.  
  34. The numbers '78 and '86 make you cringe.  
  35. You think the rest of the country owes you for Thanksgiving and Independence Day. (...and they DO).  
  36. You have never actually been to 'Cheers.'  
  37. The words ' WICKED' and 'GOOD' go together.  
  38. You' ve been to Fenway Park.  
  39. You've gone to at least one party at U Mass.  
  40. You know what a Frappe is.  
  41. You know who Frank Averuch is.  
  42. ADVANCED: You know Frank Averuch was once Bozo the Clown  
  43. You can complete the following: 'Lynn, Lynn ......'  
  44. You get pissed off when a restaurant serves clam chowder, and it turns out to be friggin' Snows. 
  45. You actually know how to merge from six lanes of traffic down to one.  
  46. The TV weatherman is damn good if he's right 25% of the time.  
  47. You never go to Cape Cod,' you go 'down the Cape '.  
  48. You think that Roger Clemens and Johnny Damon are more evil than Whitey Bulger.  
  49. You know who Whitey Bulger is.  
  50. You went to the Swan Boats, House of Seven Gables, or Plymouth Plantation on a field trip in elementary school. 
  51. Bobby Orr is loved as much as Larry Bird, Tom Brady, and Ted Williams.  
  52. You remember Major Mudd.  
  53. You know what candlepin bowling is.  
  54. You can drive from the mountains to the ocean all in one day.  
  55. You know Scullay Square once stood where Government Center is.  
  56. When you were a kid, Rex Trailer was the coolest guy around. Speaking of which.... You can still hum the song from the end of Boom Town 
  57. Calling Carrabba's an 'Italian' restaurant is sacrilege.
  58. You still have your old Flexible Flyer somewhere in your parents' attic.  
  59. You know that the Mass Pike is some sort of strange weather dividing line.  
  60. The only time you've been on the Freedom Trail is when relatives are in town. 
  61. The Big Dig tunnel disaster wasn't a surprise.  
  62. You call guys you've just met 'Chief' or 'Boss.'  
  63. 4:15pm and pitch black out means only 3 more shopping days until Christmas.  
  64. You know more than one person with the last name Murphy.  
  65. You refer to Savin Hill as 'Stab 'n Kill.'  
  66. You've never eaten at Durgin Park, but recommend it to tourists.  
  67. You can't look at the zip code 02134 without singing it.  
  68. You voted for a Republican Mormon as Governor just to screw with the rest of the country. 
  69. 11 pm? Drunk? It means one thing: Kowloons!  
  70. 2 am? Drunk? It means one thing: Kelly's Roast Beef! The one on Revere Beach not the one on Route 1. 
  71. 5 am? Drunk? It means one thing: You wish you had a blanket in your back seat.  
  72. You know that P-Town isn't the name of a new rap group.  
  73. People you don't like are all 'Bastids.'  
  74. You've called something 'wicked pissa' or 'ballsy'.
  75. You'll always get razzed for Dukakis.  
  76. Saturday afternoons meant Creature Double Feature with Dale Dorman.  
  77. After school or Sunday mornings meant the Three Stooges on Channel 38.  
  78. You've slammed on your brakes to deter a tailgater.  
  79. No, you don't trust the Gorton's Fisherman.  
  80. You think Aerosmith is the greatest rock band of all time.  
  81. Your town has at least 6 pizza and roast beef shops.  
  82. You know at least three Tony's, one Vinnie and a Frankie.  
  83. 20 degrees is downright balmy as long as there's no wind- then it gets wicked cold.
  84. You were very sad when saying goodbye to the Boston Garden.  
  85. Thanksgiving means family, turkey, High School football, and the long version of Alice's Restaurant. 
  86. You know the guy who founded the Boston Pops was named Athah Feedlah. 
  87. You know what the Combat Zone is.  
  88. You actually drive 45 minutes to New Hampshire to save $5 in sales tax. 
  89. You've pulled out of a side street and used your car to block oncoming traffic so you can make a left. 
  90. You've been to Hampton Beach on a Saturday night.  
  91. Playing street hockey, basketball or football was a daily after school ritual.  
  92. Hearing an old lady shout 'Numbah 96 for Sioux City !' means it's time for steak. 
  93. You remember Jordan Marsh, Filene's, Grants, Bradlees, Caldor, Zayres, Woolworth's Riche's or Ann & Hope. 
  94. You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Massachusetts.


  1. I wanted to thank you for your comment when I saw you too, were a fellow pain sufferer. I am so sorry to see that. You have a wonderful blog, and I am glad that others out there are also able to tell their story. There is so much pain outside of the pain we go through on a, well, every moment basis, that having an outlet like this is nice, and never did I expect anyone to actually see it, but now it's connected me to your blog, and this is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for: not only to let others know that their pain is not alone, but to know that I too, don't suffer alone.
    Thank you.
    Continue to be strong.

  2. You are most welcome for the comment on your blog. I've been trying to find other blogs of chronic pain sufferers because they do help me feel less alone and give me the opportunity to let others know they are not alone. Thank you for visiting my blog! I agree that chronic pain sufferers endure more than just the physical pain of their conditions, they also endure mental and emotional pain from their experiences.

    Continue to be strong Sam, you can do it!


  3. I'm so sorry that you've had a rough time, although the fact that you've managed to get some stuff done round the house is of the good, please don't wear yourself out. I know all too well what "good days" are like and they don't come by all too often. I'm glad that you've got back into your stitching too - like you, I find it a nice way to relax and as long as my pain level is bareable while I'm doing it, I love that I'm doing something I love.

    Hope you have a better night tonight.


  4. Thank you so much Es! I am sorry to hear that you know about bad days and such because it means you suffer with chronic pain as well. I hope you have been having good days!


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Knowing that someone has read my posts and commented on it, helps in many ways. The biggest two being that it helps ease the feeling of being "alone" and that no one could possibly understand. Secondly, it reminds us that others truly do care and that just feels wonderful!!

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