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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Few Decent Days and WRITING YAY!!

The last few days have been pretty good. I recovered fairly well from the travel and did not have a pain crisis when we got home, which was nice. I've focused on trying not to do too much, while still doing a couple things a day. So laundry has been done daily, I cleaned the bedroom on Sunday, cooked a great dinner (new recipe) last night (which everyone liked) and today was a restful day.

I have 4 essays now that need their final re-writes before publishing. I was amazed to be hit with the *NEED* to write again so quickly and wrote two more. They all focus on some aspect of living with chronic pain and depression, which seems to be what my mind is wanting to focus on.

I added a blogoversary counter to both my blogs, but its counting is off. My stitching blog was started on Oct 17 2007 and got a 133 day countdown (yesterday). This blog was started Oct 19, 2009 and got the same 133 day countdown when it should be 135. I've left it for now because the code is correct (the date is embedded in the code) but for whatever reason it is counting wrong. Oh well, such goes life I suppose. LOL

Ron and I were talking the other night about how much of a difference this anti-depressant has made vs. how I responded on Zoloft. I re-read my stitching blog and there were quite a few entries talking about my depression and that they started me on Zoloft. There were a few happy posts about feeling better, but there were weeks or months between posts, and more posts about depression with 2009 being the worst. The difference is quite visible to me after looking back. Ron and I are once again cuddling more often (with me initiating it), talking and laughing together a lot more, just generally enjoying being with each other a lot more, the way we did the first few years I was here. I honestly did not realize that the Zoloft wasn't working as well as it should have. I try not to spend too much time playing "what if" about it and just enjoy the fact that I do feel ever so much better! I still have days where I'm a bit down or don't feel like doing much, but there are many more good days than bad ones now, which is just wonderful!

Well that is it for me. Talk to you all soon!

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