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Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Week Gone

Well here it is Friday the 28th of May. I can't believe May is almost over already! It seems like yesterday was May 1st. Damn I am getting old. LOL

I've done pretty good this week about doing chores around the house. I've done laundry, washed a couple floors, vacuumed, emptied trash, cleaned the bathroom and a few other chores. I am proud of myself for doing them. They did, of course, increase my pain level but I didn't care. Everything increases my pain level and doing nothing in the hopes of not increasing my pain is not a good thing. It just isn't healthy and leads to me thinking badly about myself. My back and pelvis are what they are and there isn't anything I can do about it. It is time to start getting on with my life and the things I enjoy. Keeping my house fairly organized, clean, and bills all paid is something I prefer to do. I can't say I really enjoy doing it because housework isn't all that fun, but I do feel proud and satisfied when it is done. I can relax easier in a house where I don't see a hundred things that need to be done every time I look around.

Today was a focus on laundry day and I have gotten a bunch of loads done. Then I made DS bring his dirty clothes to the laundry room, which of course makes it look like I did no laundry at all LOL

DH took the day off so he would have a 4 day weekend. It was nice to have him home today. We did some cuddling and talking. Last night we had a great conversation and lots of laughs about Terry Pratchett books. He has wanted me to read them for years. I had tried a few years back but just didn't enjoy them. However, I tried again this past week. I read Reaper Man first and found myself laughing out loud at parts of it. Reading parts out loud to DH (like he does to me) so we could laugh together. I really enjoyed the book. I finished it in 2 days and started another. I am enjoying this one as well. This made me wonder if it was the depression that kept me from enjoying the books? It probably was since I mostly stuck to re-reading old books (usually Stephen King) most of the time. Books that are old friends, instead of being open to new authors. I have always loved reading and was always willing to try a new author. But I realize that for the last few years that just wasn't true anymore. Amazing how much of a person's life depression eats.

I am so grateful for the return of my enjoyment in writing, thinking, and reading the way I used to. I feel more like myself than I have in a long time.

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