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Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Week Was Pretty Good

This passed week went pretty good. I was able to do some household chores, enjoy my stitching, have a blast with my niece and just in general feel so much better! I haven't spent a lot of time online because I've wanted only to play with my niece or stitch. I feel so much better and I am having a difficult time believing the difference in how I feel now as compared to how I felt a month ago. I wish I had realized sooner that my anti-depressent had stopped working and that my depression has gotten so bad. It feels like I had been asleep for a long time and have woken up again. On the phone the other day my neighbor told me that I sounded a lot happier and that when I laughed I sounded like I was actually laughing rather than sounding like I was pretending to laugh because it was the "right" response even though I wasn't actually amused. Others have said similar things to me.

My son got his Green Belt in Tae Kwon Do back in January. I am so proud of him! He was very happy to get the belt because he wasn't sure he's win it. He had been sick so he missed two weeks of classes. Because of that he wasn't sure he would pass the belt test. He was so happy when he called forward to accept the new belt. Due to my back pain I couldn't be at the ceremony but my DH was and he took pictures. When Kyle got home and showed me the belt, I gave him a big hug and told him how proud of him I am. He is starting to get muscle definition in his arms and lengs. He is a great deal stronger than he used to be and thanks to Tae Kwon Do he is more active as well.

I Love that smile!

My pain has been staying up between 6 and 9 every day. Mentally I am able to deal with it better. Instead of wanting to curl up in a closet, whine and just give up I am able to make a conscious choice to distract myself somehow. My usual form of distraction is stitching, but when my pain is real high I can't use stitching because I can't stitch in my recliner without constantly having to protect my threads, scissors, needles, chart, and wip from my niece. I know she's just curious, but she doesn't want to actually stitch with me like she has before; she wants to take my stuff and play with it. So I'm back to stitching in my bed when she is awake. Sometimes stitching this way hurts my back so its not always good for distracting me. When stitching can't work as a distraction I use reading or music instead. Not being as depressed makes it a lot easier to not focus on how much I hurt and thus makes it easier to deal with my pain.

Well I'm going to go update my stitching blog with my progress on Christmas Dreams and stitching related stuff then I'm off to stitch!

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