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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Balanced Questioning of Opiod Use and Chronic Pain

Because my doctor has found it necessary to hire a defense attorney to give him guidelines to reduce his risk of attracting the attention of the DEA and being prosecuted I started doing some reading. I have been apalled to see some of the things being reported, such as patients being arrested and sentenced to long jail terms (25 years) for taking needed pain medication obtained through a legal prescription (research: Richard Paey).

Anyway I came across a site that seems to be providing information that is not fear based, sensationalized, and presents both sides of the issues regarding opiod analgesics and treatment of chronic pain. Check it out:

Many of the articles are written by doctors, including practicing pain management doctors. They study and present the sensationalized reports put out by government and governmental agencies, pointing out inconsistencies and distortions of data. For example: more people died of alcohol related injuries than opiod overdoses yet the government isn't calling alcohol consumption an "epidemic".

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