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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finally some good news

I had my monthly pain management appointment Thursday the 9th. My normal physician's assistant is no longer employed in that office so I had to see the other PA. I had already decided that I would try one last time to explain the situation, the new symptoms, and medication issue and give them that last chance to correct the error they made on my breakthrough meds 2 months ago. If he refused to return them to the appropriate dose then I would insist on seeing my actual doctor himself rather than one of his associates because I know he will fix the error. Luckily I didn't have to cause a scene because the PA agreed that the dose should have been returned to normal when the attempt to change me to a different medication failed.  So....I got my regular dose back!! Woo Hoo!!

He also said that the new symptoms require a cat-scan but in the confusion of my meds he forgot to order it. I forgot too because I was shocked that he gave me back my correct dose. That's ok, I see my primary care doc soon and will ask him to order it. It's not like they'll be able to fix it or anything, I'm just curious to know what is going on.

I still can't fill it until the 30th. My medications ended up with different fill dates because of the failed attempt at a new drug. They had to switch it back mid-month, so now the breakthrough meds 30 day supply runs out two weeks after my maintenance medication. This means I have to be extra careful when I check the prescriptions before leaving the office, to ensure they do not write both meds for that date as it would leave me without maintenance meds for two weeks. This would be very very bad. So far I have had to correct them once. I think on my next visit I will ask them to just write for a two week supply and give me an appointment two weeks out as that would put my meds back on the same fill date. This would be easier for all of us and they'll be less likely to screw it up.

My DFIL is doing better. The doctor had to put in 3 stents during the procedure but when his pulse dropped into the 40's they stopped. So he has been rescheduled for at least 1 (possibly 2) more stents on the 15th. He handled the procedure very well! He did have to spend the night in the hospital but was home the next day. There were no complications! Thank you all for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers, the whole family really appreciates it!

He seemed more himself afterwards too. He had more color, more energy, and was behaving like his usual self. I am so relieved and so happy that he is ok! He has a great sense of humor. Like my DH, that humor is often sarcastic, which is cool because so is mine. He was teasing Marcia (one of my DSIL) and just before he started teasing he'd look at me and smile then get his serious face on and start making "logical" arguments for needing bacon, or biscuits and gravy. DSIL didn't see the smile so she would respond as if he were serious and then we'd all be laughing. We do tend to laugh a lot when we're together and I like that.

While there I pushed myself by sitting at the dining table for longer periods of time than I should have. Every time I had to go lay down for a bit I felt horrible. I felt like I was being rude on top of the guilt. On Friday night I was close to a pain crisis (I did hit a 10 [crisis] that afternoon) and had to use a walker to get to the bathroom or to bed as my legs felt very weak, shaky, and had sciatica symptoms real bad. As a result I did not attend the family reunion on Saturday the 6th because I knew, if I did go, that I would not be able to handle the 12-14 hour return trip that same night. I ended up crying for the first 30 minutes of the trip because I felt so guilty, sad, useless etc etc. DH was not upset with me for not being able to go, but I was.

Despite that I did enjoy seeing my in-laws again. I love them and am glad to be part of their family. :)

Back Row L-R: Ron (DH-light blue shirt), DBIL Jeff (black shirt)
Middle Row L to R: DSIL Marcia (glasses), DSIL Carolyn (Necklace)
Front Row - R: DMIL Sue (Yellow shirt) DFIL Ron Sr. (lighest blue shirt)

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