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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another day goes by

Today wasn't too bad of a day despite the rain. I talked with a friend of mine today. He had back surgery (fusion L4-5 L5-S1 I believe it was) back in August. The fusion is doing very well and his back pain is much better! I am so happy for him! He sounds a lot better than he did over the past year while he was suffering so badly with pain and multiple doctor's visits and their stupidity. Instead of that under-tone of depression, exhaustion and pain, his voice is clear, strong and happy. I am very happy for him!

I did some catching up on blog reading and some stitching as well. My back hasn't been too bad. Though I got another headache today, this time it didn't respond completely to Excedrin. So I've had a headache all day. I had to get off the computer because it was making the headache worse. Even now, looking at the monitor is making the headache more painful but I am still going to try to get this post up. I am pretty sure it is the Pristiq causing the headaches because it is listed as a possible side effect. The paperwork said it should clear up after about a week, but so far it went from a headache that went away with one dose of Excedrin, to one that has lingered all day despite Excedrin. Tomorrow, if I have another headache (if so it will probably be close to migraine pain) then I will stop taking the Pristiq and request a different anti-depressent.

My neighbor came over today and I gave her a few tips on cross-stitching. She started a design last week but didn't do very well with it. I think it was because she chose to use black fabric and stitched at night with poor lighting, thus she couldn't see the holes very well. Black fabric is not the best choice for one's first counted cross-stitch project. I let her borrow my book "The New Cross-Stitcher's Bible" by Jane Greenoff. It has a wonderful section at the begining about learning to cross-stitch. I figured it may help her to read it.

I did some of the dishes after dinner and a little bit of picking up in my bedroom. So far I have managed to do at least one chore every day this year. I am hoping to continue this and get more on top of household things.

Well that's it for me today! I hope everyone has been doing well!

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