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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holidays! (Picture Heavy)

Christmas has come and gone. We've had a lot of rain so my pain levels have been fairly high. No pain crisis though, which is good. I managed to purchase Christmas presents and stay within my budget this year! Wahooo!! I didn't think that was possible, specially when I have a little one to buy for (my 2 yr old niece).

She had an absolute blast opening all her presents. She was a bit confused and overwhelmed by them also but she quickly got into the hang of ripping the paper off of each package. She then spent the day playing with her new toys. One of the things we purchased was a fake kitchen, dishes and play food for her. Since then she has cooked and "fed" her Mommy and me many times. She loves the plastic pizza slice and pretends to eat it. She also loves the plastic chocolate chip cookies and pretends to eat them just like Cookie Monster on Sesame Street, complete with all the growling type noises he makes. It always makes me laugh!

Here is Bridgette and her Mommy decorating the tree on the 23rd!

Here Bridgette is getting ready to put the Angel on top of the tree!

Here we are putting it up there with Mommy and Ahma (Aunt Missy)'s help!

Here she is ripping her presents open with Mommy behind her!

Here is my son Kyle opening the items needed for Xbox live! (Finally he said!) lol

Last but not least:

My daughter Sam opnening her presents!

My DH bought me a very nice perfume and a pretty bracelet that says Love is patient. Love is kind. Love never ends. He is very sweet! I managed to finally get him a book that he did not already have and he enjoyed reading it! We tend to focus on the kids before ourselves.
On Sunday the 27th I cooked a Christmas turkey dinner. We did it on Sunday because DH was going to be visiting his children on Christmas afternoon and my brother had to work Saturday, so Sunday was the first day everyone would be home. The dinner came out wonderful and everyone enjoyed it! I was hurting pretty good by the time it was done, but it was definitely worth it and I was very happy that I made it through cooking the whole meal. Specially since I did not manage to cook the whole Thanksgiving meal in 2008 and that really bugged me a great deal.
Since then things have been fairly calm around here. My pain is up but not too bad and my meds are controlling it fairly well.
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!
Happy New Year!

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