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Saturday, May 3, 2014


Constant pain makes every day a lot harder than it should be. It makes every task take more energy, time, and effort than it should. Yet those of us who live with constant pain do our best, every minute of every day, to do as much as we can and to be as patient, kind, and nice as we can. We fight constantly against the crankiness that pain makes a person feel. Yet, no one recognizes that for us this is a struggle we have every moment of every day. For other people it is an occasional struggle to not take out their bad moods, difficult days, or what have you on other people. For others, they are starting from a place a patience and a good mood. For those in constant pain, we don’t start from that even space, that good We get to start our days from a space full of pain, exhaustion, mental and emotional depression and rise above all of that, to just barely attain that more “normal” space. Once we reach that more normal space we then have to fight, constantly, to not slide backwards out of that space and instead to build upon that space and maybe (if we’re really lucky that day) reach a place of a good mood. We sadly start our days two rungs down on the ladder from healthy people.

Yet…if we do snap..even just once we get told “you’re always so cranky!”

If we don’t respond with the right amount of enthusiasm or excitement (or other emotion) that another person expects of us we hear “You’re always so negative!”

We just can’t win. 

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