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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doing the Bed Dance Again..(sung to Timewarp from Rocky Horror)

Well here I am stuck in bed this weekend. My back is hurting more today than yesterday thanks to the rain today. I ended up in bed due to my pain level being too high all week and a pain crisis Thursday when the broken bones popped and grabbed the sciatic nerve. I really hate being stuck in bed. Though since I have Kyle's laptop I can at least do blogs and stuff, which helps.

Bridgette is really upset that I am in bed. She hates it when I am stuck in bed because I can't play with her. She will stand outside my door and scream for me.

Starting tomorrow I undergo the diagnostics for radio frequency. I hate having to do the diagnostics every time, but apparently the insurance companies now demand it. So tomorrow afternoon I get 6 or 8 needles in my back, to numb the nerves and see if it helps my pain. If it does they'll do the other side next week. Then over 2 weeks in October they'll do radio frequency on both sides including the SI. It is a painful procedure but once it is past the 2 week point it really does help control my pain. Sadly not enough that I can come off the medication, but enough that I can do more around the house, like cook dinner without ending up in bed. Now that I have to sit at the dining room table to teach Kyle and Stephanie, I need something to lower my pain so I can sit there without hurting myself too much.

Kyle had a rough week with school work this week. He was real slow, just didn't want to do it. He gave me a real hard time Thursday, which is what led to the pain crisis and a weekend stuck in bed. He did much better on Friday after driving me to bed, but by then it was too little too late. Hopefully he now understands that his farting around with schoolwork (ex. 20 math questions takes 4 hours) does hurt me and he'll stop doing it so much. He was so good for a while. I think my mistake was giving him his September game early. I won't make that mistake again. And yes I took the game away.

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